“You’re Welcome,” Says Annie Dookhan

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"You're Welcome." -Annie Dookhan

Well, in case you haven’t heard about the latest scandal involving the drug lab chemist Annie Dookhan, welcome to the news cycle.

On Friday, Annie was charged for obstruction of justice (yikes!) because she has allegedly been spending some time playing games with people’s urine drug test samples.

On the downside for those of us on the outside of the big house? Many of the people whose samples were tampered with might now be cut loose from the can–the fed can’t hold them in if their lawyers can pony up evidence that Dookhan so much as touched their samples at any point during the chain of custody.

So, good news for those who failed their drug tests and wound up behind bars–welcome home guys!

But on a serious note, this does bring up an important issue that I hear about on the drug testing forums from time to time. Some people who have to pass a drug test think they have a friend on the inside–a lab tech that will look the other way on their urine sample, or even go as far as to help them cheat a drug test with fake pee. Remember folks, no one is going to put their job on the line for a total stranger in this economy, no matter how cute you are. And what’s more, lab techs won’t just lose their jobs, they’ll face legal action just like Ms. Dookhan because tampering with weewee is kind of a big deal according to Uncle Sam.

So instead of wasting time getting in cahoots with the white coats, just order a quality detox product, clean out your system the natural way, and pass your drug test the same way you would normally.

You’re Welcome!



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