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There are a variety of ways individuals try to cheat the drug testing system, most notably using synthetic urine. Using fake urine has long been linked to drug testing through pop culture and supposed stories of success. Through time and medical advances however, any chance of passing a drug test using synthetic urine are slim to none. New technologies in the drug testing field are specifically made to flag synthetic urine that makes it almost, if not entirely impossible to fake a clean test.

When an individual takes a drug test, the collected urine is split into two equal aliquots. The first half of the sample is screened for drugs using an analyzer, typically the SAMHSA 5 panel, and will flag any discrepancies even if they’re not drug related such as temperature and water content. This part of the test can bust synthetic urine users almost instantly. Synthetic urine may appear to pass visually due to being the right color and amount of liquid, but professionals that work with urine samples on a daily basis are more than just aware on synthetic urine and know how to spot a fake when they see one. Urine samples should be between 94 and 100 degrees if taken on-location, and if an individual urinates and immediately has it collected after, it should still be relatively hot. When using fake urine however, the liquid will either be your outside body temperature, or room temperature, making it significantly colder than a natural sample should be. Companies suggest heating the synthetic urine beforehand, but the chances of heating the urine somewhere, going to an on-site location, and the time it takes to finally provide a sample, the chances of the synthetic urine remaining the proper temperature is slim to none.  When this happens, the sample is thrown out and the individual is asked to complete the drug test again, most often in the presence of a supervisor.

On top of that, while synthetic urine may pass drugstore drug tests, many professional grade tests taken for pre-employment or probation purposes can actually test for individuality and can tell if a urine sample matches one of the leading brands for synthetic urine. American Toxicology is one such brand that can test for brands such as Quick Fix, and can test if a sample is substituted and therefore not human specimen.

The risks involved in using synthetic urine just are not worth it. Using synthetic urine is considered tampering with evidence, and is a crime and punishable offense, one in which most judges will take seriously for those who are already known offenders, on parole, and on probation. For pre-employment tests, those individuals will most likely not get the job, and companies that screen employees regularly, can have employees lose their jobs upon being caught.

Those who want to test clean without breaking the law should stay away from synthetic urine, and rather go a more natural and safe way. There are one-hour drug detoxes on the market that allow for an individual to test clean in 60 minutes after consuming a detox, and will be able to test clean for six hours following.

In using a detox rather than synthetic urine, your sample is the real deal, and therefore you won’t need to worry about it being the wrong temperature or showing up as not a human specimen. Furthermore, depending on your situation, if you need to provide a sample while in the presence of another supervisor, there isn’t any worry about trying to sneak a fake sample into your cup or being caught with the illegal substitute.





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