What the heck is a Detox Store?

detox stores

This ain't you--and you need to detox differently.

You all asked, so you shall receive! Many of you have been asking me what a detox store is. Well, there are lots of answers to that question. There are stores you can walk into to buy detox products, but these are mainly head shops where masking agents are sold, or places where jocks go to buy the latest and greatest way to conceal their steroid use.

If you’re looking for a real detox store, you need to be looking online, especially if you are looking for a weed detox or a way to pass a drug test that will work for everyday people, not Manny Pacquiao.

A lot of people who come to me are just trying to pass simple pre-employment drug tests and the occasional random drug test from their employer. They don’t need super powers to do this, but what they do need are proper drug test facts and know-how, followed by the proper product to cleanse if they need it.

You have to be careful with online detox stores too–a lot of these guys are pushing products that mask THC or other toxins, and nowadays, lots of labs are testing for masking agents. So you have to make damn sure that the product you are buying doesn’t contain masking agents–you have to be sure that what it does is to keep toxins out of your urine for the duration of the time you have to pass your drug test.

Most of us know when our drug test will be, so if you’re prepared ahead of time, you can take the right detox product and pass your drug test with no issues–it’s how celebrities pass drug tests all the time. But even if you have a random drug test sprung on you last minute, there are ways to pass FAST–but you need to have your emergency same day cleanser on hand to do this, so I suggest if you are a regular smoker to invest in this now before you regret not making a paycheck later.

Beyond that, I think having to know how to pass a drug test at all is not cool. I mean, if you work hard at your job, or if you’re looking for a job and have a good resume, and no track record of being a crappy employee, why should you have to jump through these hoops? But alas, that’s a huge question we’ll have to tackle across several other posts.

Good luck to all you test takers out there, and as always, I love hearing your feedback!


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