Throw Casey Pachall a bone

Casey Pachall marijuana drug testing in schools

Does it matter? Really?

Good Lord. Here we go with the teetotaler mentality. American Puritanism is so far out of control these days–maybe it’s been re-energized by the Romney-Ryan campaign?

Casey Pachall, the starting quarterback for TCU has “admitted” that he smoked marijuana this one time back in February. According to USA Today, “TCU coach Gary Patterson said he was aware of Pachall testing positive Feb. 1. There was no indication if Pachall had or would be punished.” I mean really?

Patterson noted that he takes a very serious stance on student and athlete health and welfare. If that’s the case, maybe don’t send these boys out in the 100+ degree heat to practice on a belly full of red meat? Maybe extend caring about their welfare beyond football season? I mean, for reasons other than a drug bust.

In a hilarious scenario the Texas police are calling a drug bust and a sting operation, no less, Pachall and roommates were caught with marijuana and even (gasp) tested positive for THC. Coach stated, “”We are committed to helping them make healthy choices and have moved forward. We have had 25 drug tests in the last 18 months, including one by the NCAA at the Rose Bowl. We’ve had six drug tests since February.”

Wow. I thought I knew people who had it bad with one or two random drug tests at work every year. Does 25 drug tests for MARIJUANA — not cocaine or heroine, steroids or other performance enhancing drugs — seem a little excessive to you? Because to me it seems like utter madness and just like a little bit of a witch hunt.

But what else can you expect when it comes to Texas football during an election year when two Christians are running against an African American who actually admits he smoked pot… and inhaled?

I want to hear from you guys. University and other school drug testing policies are over the top and are becoming such an unbridled display of prejudice against marijuana smokers even over much heavier drug users.


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