The Whiz Kid: You’re not as lucky as Vince


The Whiz Kid pass a drug test The mid-August article from about the Entourage episode. “The Whiz Kid” by Kelsea Stahler is a great read. She discusses the thinness of the plot surrounding multiple subplots, but her focus on Vince’s having to pass a drug test is pricelessly dead on. Here’s what Kelsea had to say:

“After a series of ‘remedies’ dreamed up by Drama, Vince seeks help from Billy Walsh, who gives him a fake penis filled with someone else’s THC-less urine. Lovely. This starts an argument between Vince and E which should have weight to it, but when Vince literally flashes his fake penis to Eric and they begin arguing over what is literally a silicone penis, I lost it. It was only a matter of time before these ever-present arguments descended to that place – a place so low they are literally arguing about penises. E says using it will ruin Vince’s career, but Vince has some Hollywood guardian angel so he passes and doesn’t get caught and the boys all laugh and play as they toss the drug-test saving fake penis around like a gaggle of little girls in a pillow fight at a slumber party.”

I really can’t agree more. Passing a drug test is no laughing matter–just look at the thousands of posts on‘s drug testing forums and you’ll see countless people concerned about job loss, inability to get a job in the first place, probation, and the list goes on. My heart especially goes out to those who have a legal prescription for medical marijuana from a doctor, but who work under employers with drug policy that goes against what is LEGAL. How is that fair?

Using a fake penis and substituting urine is a horrible idea–it’s illegal for one, and not only do you stand a higher chance of getting caught, you stand a great chance of tarnishing your reputation as labs don’t just have the right to tell your employer you failed, they also have the right to say how you failed.

I find it sad that the writers and producers of Entourage felt this was a good message to send its viewership. How many people will now go and try to pass a drug test in the same inane way that Vince did simply because on a scripted show it worked for the protagonist? Shameful guys, shameful.

The best way to pass a drug test is to rid your body of toxins before the test. I cannot emphasize this enough, nor can I reiterate anymore seriously how important it is to test at home first so YOU know before THEY know if you’ll pass a drug test. Grab some at-home test kits here.

Let me hear form you guys. What did you think of The Whiz Kid episode?



  1. homey January 8, 2012 at 12:27 am

    Some genuinely wonderful information. TY!

  2. heiffe January 20, 2012 at 1:06 am

    BOYoBOY were we sad over here to see how that went down man!? subbing pee is only like the worst idea ever~ ~ thanx to you hbo for it seeming a good idea. seriously? only ONLY ONLY way to pass a drug test is to not do drugs or to serioulsy get serious (sorry but I”M serious) about detoxing your body with either right diet or by fullon detoxing like what some of those links on youre page take you to. IT”S driving me nuts!!!!

  3. dImEntIa January 20, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    man so frackin” true that Vince always got his way to the point it was unbelievable and in real life yo it woud never go down that ez for the real ppl man Dave ur 4 real man and i gotta give props brotherman. right the f**k on


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