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How to pass a drug test in 2 weeks?

how to pass my drug test fast

Stop watching the clock. You have plenty of time!

This has to be one of my favorite questions because it is actually easy to pass a drug test in two weeks–people outside of the detox and cleansing world just aren’t aware of that for the most part.

Listen, if you have two weeks or more before your drug test at a lab, you’re golden (please excuse the play on words.) Most of the people who are unable to pass their tests are in such a predicament because time is not on their side. And when I say not on their side, I’m talking about finding out about a pre-employment drug test a day beforehand, or finding out about a random drug test at work just moments or hours before. It’s scary, it’s stressful, and it’s not fair.

So for those of you wringing your hands while you have 14 days or more to prepare, chill Winston! It’s going to be fine–in the world of drug testing, two weeks is a lifetime of prep time.

What you will need to do is determine what kind of a user best describes you, and this will vary a lot. For example, the guy who has been smoking every single day for five years will need to take a different approach than the girl who hasn’t smoked since 1996 but shared a few ¬†joints with friends last Saturday night.

If you’re just completely lost and know you want to detox your way to a passing drug test, then call for help–the worst thing you can do when you don’t know your way around passing a drug test is to guesstimate. Dial up the pros at PassADrugTest.com at 1-877-254-1347 and ask them what they recommend. They will ask you a bunch of questions about your weight, height, usage levels, and so on and determine which product or products for passing a drug test will work the best for you given your personal details.

With more than just a few days to get things squared away, you will be able to take the time needed to do a permanent cleanse, which is the most effective because it helps your body churn out all of the toxins lurking in there that make you fail a drug test rather than just doing a presto-change-o smoke and mirrors drug test passing trick. So many labs these days are testing for adulterants–it’s really not smart to try to hide drug use, it’s a way better call to truly flush the toxins from your system so you don’t have to worry about what could crop up.

Well, good luck drug test takers, my thoughts are with you all. Let me know if you have any questions by visiting me on Marijuana.com in the drug testing forum.


Get LIVE Chat Assistance to Pass a Drug Test on Marijuana.com!

marijuana.comHey everyone,

Great news. The drug testing forums on Marijuana.com are now better equipped than ever to help you pass a drug test. A team of drug testing experts has assembled to man the live chat station on MJ, which you can find among the forums on the Drug Testing Guide (You can click the “Pass A Drug Test” tab at the top of the navigation bar, or click here and bookmark.)

So what does this mean for you exactly? Well, it means that rather than just relying on peers who are in the same boat as you when it comes to facing a drug test, both you and your peers can turn to actual experts in drug testing solutions who can answer your questions with concrete data and professional opinions based on real experience from helping thousands of people pass a drug test.

This is a great turn of events for Marijuana.com because so many of the questions people have at all times of day (and night) can now actually be answered rather than just simply speculated on.

So if you are a Marijuana.com regular on the drug testing forums as so many of us are, then you now know where to turn in moments of crisis. These drug testing experts can enlighten you on how to pass a drug test fast, which cleansers and detox products are the best fit for you and your scenario, and all kinds of other things. They’re even equipped to walk you through how to use hair drug test shampoo so you don’t have to worry about your follicle drug test now either.

Check it out and ask your drug testing questions when you can so these experts can get their chops up with the MJ crowd and see how many people will actually be hitting them up on the regular for information on how to pass a drug test.

I’m excited about this development and hope everyone gets the most out of it. My main goal on these boards is for all of you to pass your drug test and wait by patiently and stress-free for the day when urine and hair drug tests are a thing of the past!