Stop Using Synthetic Urine, I’m Tired of Talking About How Often it Fails Drug Tests!

Synthetic urine that works

I mean, really? Come on guys...

Guys, guys, guys. If for no other reason than to save my sanity, please, stop using synthetic urine to try to pass a drug test. In the past ┬áseveral days, more and more of you are complaining that fake pee just isn’t working.

For those of you new to the world of drug testing and awesome drug testing forums like, you are off the hook. But for those of you who for weeks, months, and years have been seeking advice, giving advice, reading and writing on such forums about the issues of how to pass a drug test, shame on you guys!

We know that QuickFix doesn’t work. Stop telling me the batch number, or which state you bought it in, or telling me that the stuff from Canada works while the stuff made in the US does not. NONE OF IT WORKS! Labs, especially Quest and Labcorp, are totally and completely on to QuickFix and other synthetics like it. All they have to do is a quick secondary screen and BAM, inconclusive “this ain’t human wee wee” results pop up left and right due to insufficient levels of creatinine, or wacky pH, or weirdo acidity that raises red flags.

So do yourself a favor. If you are considering subbing urine to pass a drug test, please don’t. I’ve kinda had it. If you want to pass a drug test and you have more than three seconds to prepare (another thing I need to blog about, if you have five days, use them, don’t message me the night before the test when you’ve known about it for five days! Come on!) then go get a permanent cleanser. Seriously, it could not be more simple. It’s so easy! Don’t fight against the current just because you need to be right–this is not the place to die on the sword because you have a need to “show us all.” Get cleansed, pass your drug test, then go invent a synthetic urine that actually works. Then you and I can have something worth talking about!



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