RIP Whitney Houston | The Importance of Detoxing from Benzos

Whitney Houston benzo addiction

The Voice: Whitney Houston

What a sad loss we’ve had. Watching the Whitney Houston funeral on CNN was so tragic. While we all knew that Whitney had trouble with drug abuse in the past, it kind of seemed like that part of her life was over. After going to rehab she seemed to be on track again, and having a good time hanging out with her daughter Bobbi Christina.

The tragic turn of events that lead to members of her entourage finding her in the bathtub begs the important question that Dr. Drew has been asking for years: Why do people think that prescription drugs are safer than street drugs? As Dr. Drew so poignantly notes over and over again, those who have suffered with addiction to street drugs–with a few exceptions–are for the most part still with us, while those who fell into the grip of prescription drug addiction are the ones we see dropping in unprecedented numbers throughout 2011-2012.

I have to make the point that I understand that some people really do need the kinds of prescription drugs that their doctors prescribe them–I know that social anxiety is no joke, and those in the spotlight are probably a lot more susceptible to this mental illness.

But I think even Dr. Drew would agree that while his stance on street drugs is pretty firm, it’s probably a lot less detrimental to smoke pot to cure this ailment. In addition, many people who have suffered with addiction to pain medications that are opiate-based like Vicadin, Percaset, and the like, have in some instances found that marijuana helps more with their pain and removes the physically addictive potential that painkillers have–and that addiction can end a life because strong prescription opiates depress the ability to breath.

But regardless of what your opinion of marijuana is, we know that most likely, what the coroner’s report for Whitney Houston will reveal is a deadly mixture of benzodiazepines and alcohol. There was Xanax on the scene, and reports reveal that Whitney had in fact been drinking champagne, despite her very recent release from outpatient rehab.

If you suffer from an addition to benzos like Xanax, Klonipin, Ativan, and Valium, doing a detox or full body cleanse to rid yourself of the toxins can really help. This is especially true for those trying to slowly come off of a benzo on a taper schedule. ALWAYS consult with your physician first, and ALWAYS go by the taper schedule that your doctor puts you on.

If you know that you are one of those people who will need benzos for life, there’s no shame in that. Many disorders like post traumatic stress disorder and generalized anxiety call for a regimen of benzos for therapeutic use.

With that said, remember that all drugs, even prescription drugs–leave toxins behind and give your liver and kidneys a serious workout. To protect your health and wellness, doing a body cleanse can really help those organs, your blood, and tissues to recover. That’s because a good, healthy detox includes a lot of fluid intake, changing your diet, and the use of a well-balanced formula of supplements to get your body to flush toxins out faster and more effectively.

My heart goes out to the Houston family and close friends. She will be missed–The Voice will never be forgotten!


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