Rihanna Visits a Cannabis Cafe… And?

Rihanna at cannabis club

"Rude Girl" isn't slang for offensive celebrity.

Recently during her European tour, Rihanna was seen at the Bulldog Café in Amsterdam. For moms and dads out there who haven’t gotten the memo yet, Rihanna isn’t a role model for young girls. But why should she be? I mean, nevermind cannabis, do you really want your tween running down the halls singing “what’s my name” to all the boys?

The media spin of her visit to a “pot club” has been interesting. Articles suggest that–up til now–Rihanna has been the vestige of all that is pure and good for our young generation of girls. Really? Why? We’ll give her props for standing against domestic violence by breaking up with Chris Brown, but beyond that, if you’re looking for a Mickey Mouse Club type (and, ahem, we see how that plan worked out) Rihanna shouldn’t even be on your radar.

The fact that she’s being vilified for her jaunt into the Bulldog has me wondering what parents out there are most concerned about. Marijuana should be responsibly legislated, legalized, taxed, and end of story. But that would still make Rihanna quite eligible, certainly in Amsterdam! She’s now in her mid-20s, not her mid-teens. I’d personally be much more concerned about my daughter taking a liking to Brit-Brit or her little sis–who got pregnant at 16. I’d be much more concerned if my daughter was a fan of Bristol Palin, the Bush twins, or had taken up listening to music that belittles and objectifies women. I’d be much more concerned if my kids wanted to be like Amy Winehouse, Lil’ Wayne, or any other hot star right now… because these are adults or people put in adult position due to their stardom.

It’s not the job of celebrities–be they musicians, actors, dancers, or whatever–to be the role models of our children. Our children need solid guidance, and that doesn’t come from celebs. And sadly, the chances that our kiddos are going to be into Michael Buble or Sandra Bullock are pretty slim.

Adults making adult choices. Choosing to use marijuana responsibly is no different than choosing to drink alcohol responsibly. KEYWORD: responsibly. Kids are kids, and we have to teach them about and protect them from adult things like sex, drugs, booze, and more. We also have to teach them that adults are allowed to make choices–because they are adults.

So if Rihanna wants to visit a cannabis cafe, unless she has to pass a drug test for some reason, who cares. She’s not on some panel for a better America, and she’s sure never portrayed herself as someone fighting the drug war for America.

Have your say: Do you think celebrities should be in the dog house if they can’t pass a drug test? Should we expect musicians and actors to “be on good behavior” if they smoke marijuana? Does one visit to a cannabis club make a Charlie Sheen out of Rihanna? Should celebs whose demographic includes kids and teens be made to pass a drug test as part of their contracts? You be the judge–tell me what you think!



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