Responsible Marijuana Legislation

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Responsible Marijuana Legislation

An initiative for responsible legalization of marijuana will be on the 2012 ballot in Colorado. The state, which legalized medical marijuana years ago, has had a petition signed by nearly 100,000 people who agree that marijuana should be treated just as alcohol is.

If marijuana can be made legal in this ONE state of the union, we will be able to see uniquivically that indeed, it is for the greater good. Why? Why not? Well, let me explain why.

First of all, when you take something like marijuana out of the realm of the criminal underbelly of society–where it doesn’t belong–you can tax it! Research indicates that if marijuana is legalized, hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes could be the result. In this economy, and with tax hikes being everyone’s worst fears for ever-diminishing paychecks (for those of us who actually get one) a marijuana tax could literally be a lifesaver.

Next up, eliminate the criminal element: If we tax and regulate marijuana, we will effectively put those who sell it illegally out of business–much like prohibition brought the Al Capones of this world to their knees. Why get something illegally when you can get it legally and not worry about getting arrested, going to court, going to prison, and so on?

Speaking of prison, an initiative to legalize marijuana would eliminate an enormous percentage of “crimes” that wind “criminals” up in our legal system, flooding it with capricious, needless lawsuits and filling our prisons with people who bought or sold marijuana. Another massive way we can save money, and indeed, help save our crumbling economy.

As the Colorado initiative states, the legal age–if the bill is passed–would be 21, just as it is with alcohol. This is why we call it responsible legislation. See, many “red state types” consider those who use marijuana to be a fringe element–a people who don’t care about the coming generations, a people whose mantra is do whatever you want. Not so.

Those of us who partake in marijuana use are just as concerned about people too young getting involved, just as any of us would be concerned about someone drinking or smoking cigarettes too young. Yes, there must be boundaries, but why should there be an all-out “NO” for people who are adults? If we pay our taxes–just as we would on wine or beer–why not legalize marijuana? Imagine all the people who are GREAT at their jobs who won’t have to worry about passing a random drug test or having to pass a drug test just to get a job when what they do on their off time has no bearing on how well they perform at work. Geez, what an idea!

I hope the 2012 responsible legislation for marijuana in Colorado passes. And I hope it’s a smash success. I hope Colorado makes tax money hand over fist that goes toward much needed programs like health care, children’s programs, and effective ways to bring renewable energy to the state. It could actually be the best thing since edibles.

I want to hear what you think about Colorado’s responsible marijuana legislation. Leave a comment below! Peace to all.



  1. Gcs December 7, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    This is one of the best weblogs i have ever seen. Thanks for sharing this usefull information.

  2. Medical Marijuana Regulation Practice December 21, 2011 at 4:59 am

    But still, marijuana is a drug whoever uses it will be addicted. It should be taxed high if it’s legalized.


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