Real Addiction and Why it Has Nothing to Do with Weed

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The American Dream

The modern US culture is fraut with serious drug addiction. I’m not talking about Reagan’s America where we’re looking for addicts slumped over in dirty hallways or emaciated wanderers looking for a vein. I’m not talking about the war on street drugs in which the target is clearly drawn across the crack peddler and the pusherman of 1970s urban culture. I’m talking about the pharmacy and the corporate machine that backs it, making real addiction seem like a natural side effect of having a decent way to deliver medicine to patients.

It’s not natural, and it’s not a side effect we should be okay with. And so we turn to Edie Falco, who has portrayed Nurse Jackie for three seasons, now moving into its fourth. What she had to say about Jackie finally getting what she had coming is awesome.

Falco told the Bangor Daily News, “Addiction has had such an impact on my life and the people I love, and there really is not a lot about it that is funny. So the last thing I wanted was to give the impression that it’s all fun and games, and isn’t it funny what she gets away with. It’s important that we are accurate as far as showing the ramifications of this kind of behavior.”

Nurse Jackie had been dabbling quite liberally in pharmaceuticals, and enjoyed her carte blanche love affair with pain killers–just as MANY Americans do. And now with the death of a long line of celebrities trailing off into the horizon just behind us, it has become clear we are a culture driven by a need to de-stress, to disappear, to make our problems vanish, no matter how artificially or for how short a period of time–we need to make reality go away, and we are killing ourselves doing just that. Why?

Because our country has some bizarre notion that marijuana is terrible, and should be illegal, and that other far more harmful “drugs” have benefit and are surely safe because a doctor’s name is on the bottle. It’s a rather clear and present danger if you are able to see past the degrees on the wall and understand that what we have before us is a monstrous display of how right and wrong are decided by who can make money, how much they can make, and how quickly they can make it. At who’s expense is never considered–the only thing that matters is that the money-holder’s agenda is met.

If you have been like Nurse Jackie, you can understand she has a long road in front of her, and that recovery from prescription meds is no joke at all. If this is a real life issue that you or someone you love is dealing with, try incorporating a full body cleanse into the mix to help quell the aches and pains of coming clean. It’s already a hard enough road with little support in the way of understanding that’s public, so if you need to help yourself through the process with a detox product, more power to you.

But in the end don’t ever forget what brought you to this–and that likely, if you did become addicted like Nurse Jackie did to prescription pills, there was probably a very well educated doctor sitting there all along who knows full well that marijuana can solve may problems without causing new ones. Marijuana can be used to bring on appetite, for pain management, for anxiety and panic disorders, and the list goes on. And if you don’t want to smoke it, you don’t have to–edibles are more “in” right now than ever before, so there’s a lot of great bakers and chefs and chocolatiers out there than ever before.

Just a little food for thought :)


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