Random Drug Tests are not like Pop Quizzes for Teachers


pass random drug testWell, some parents recently got upset because a teacher, Wesley Adam Hayes, of Madison County, TN was found to be in possession of a whole lotta methamphetamines. I can sure understand that–if my kids were in his class I would be a little more than peaved too.

But what’s happening now is sad–parents and school board members are taking this witch hunt to its next logical progression… which is unfortunately to assume that all teachers in the district are guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around.

Here’s the deal. Methamphetamine is a serious drug and a dangerous one, and no one wants their kids exposed to it. But to be fair guys, let’s be real: most people out there educating children across the US are not doing or peddling meth, and to assume so is a rather slippery slope.

So what’s up for grabs right now in Madison County is an idea that seems new to residents there, but what we here at Drug Test Dave‘s forum know doesn’t really solve any problems: random drug testing for teachers.

It was only a few weeks ago in another part of the country that a teacher fought and won her suit against the district that forced her to pass a random drug test–and when she didn’t do it the first time, they were forced to reinstate her, then they water tortured her with 11 random drug tests in less than a year… and she’s filed suit again, and it looks like she will win.

Random drug tests don’t really prove anything, and in the world of educators, there are better courses of action–like better pre-employment drug testing, better interview processes, and of course, better background checks on the people who will be spending eight hours a day with our kids!

Come on now people! :)


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