pot brownies, now drug test… yikes?


weed brownies drug testNot sure who the dozens of people are who keep searching my blog for the keyword term “pot brownies drug test” but okay guys, I get it… somebody (or somebodies) out there are concerned about having to pass a drug test after having some culinary fun with weed.

Here’s the deal. While consuming marijuana in this way does offer a different experience to those who opt to go down the road to edibles, the short version of the story is that you can still quite easily pass any drug test as long as you prepare in the right way.

So what is the right way to prepare for a drug test after eating marijuana brownies or other edibles? Essentially, it’s a lot alike. Like I always say, the more time you have to detox for a drug test the better, but you can still make this happen even if you’re in crunch time.

The most effective way to pass a drug test after consuming edibles (weed brownies, fun!) is to do a full body detox kit. That means you’ll be clearing out your entire digestive tract, your urinary tract, your excretory tract, and yes, even your circulatory tract (including a nice lil’ cleanse for your red blood cells.)

Before you start screaming “WHERE DO I GO DAAAAAAAVE????!!!!!”  You guys ought to know by now there is only one source I trust for a full body detox to pass a drug test. BUT, with that said, you HAVE to LISTEN! We’re all VERY different lil’ creatures, so it’s VERY important that you get the body cleanse to pass a drug test that is right for your body, your circumstance, your level of exposure, and how much time you have before your drug test. So if I were in your shoes and had NO clue which detox was right for me, I would call 1-877-247-1354 and ask the drug test experts at PassADrugTest.com which one they recommend for me.

Just some food for thought. All puns intended 😉



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