Permanent Detox Products Work, Stop Scooping Pee Out of the Toilet for the Love of God!

detox products dont use urine from the toilet to pass a drug test

You haz no bidniss in here!

I gotta love checking my WordPress stats to see what search keywords people are using that wind them up on my site. I was astonished enough to spit coffee across my computer screen when the search term “get urine out of toilet drug test” was searched 15 times.

People, please do not start ladling urine out of toilets to pass a drug test, mmkay? I know, I know, you’re in desperate need, but there’s desperation, and there’s stuff that doesn’t work no matter how desperate you are. Hijacking your babymama’s weewee from the can is not a well thought out way to try to pass a drug test.

Number one, urine that’s already in the bowl (all puns intended, sorry) has water mixed in with it, and also any chemicals the toilet itself contains, like cleaners, those SuperFlush2000 tablet thingies, bleach, and good god only knows what else (I shudder to think.)

The national freakout over drug testing needs to chill. It’s SO easy to pass a drug test! All you need a is a permanent detox product that removes all the toxins from your body—THAT IS IT! The permanent detox kit from does it in three days! (read: yes, you will have to drink some water, put the Mountain Dew down for a sec, and consider eating something other than pizza for 72 whole hours.)

That’s it. Stop complicating it with plans to horde urine, or use synthetic garbage, or spike your pee with bleach—none of that crap works and it’s also against the rules to do it!

Grab a permanent detox, follow the instructions, take your drug test, and then go watch True Blood with your girlfriend and relax.




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