Passing a Drug Test for Medicinal Marijuana: Doc Says it’s Ok, Employer Says No to Drugs

pass a drug test medicinal marijuana drug test for employer

Can you pass a drug test? Ugh, I hope so buddy.

If you are a medicinal marijuana user, you likely have a medicinal marijuana card, and a prescription from a doctor to take said marijuana as he or she prescribes it. But that won’t mean a thing to some employers. Sadly, even where it is completely and totally legal for you to have a prescription for marijuana, smoke marijuana, and use marijuana for medicinal purposes, those who have the power to employ can still “say no to drugs.”

Why? Because employers are allowed to have their own set of guidelines subset from the law, making, sort of, their own law within the governance of their organization.

While its unlawful for them to say, for example. require everyone to be a gun owner, or for everyone to be a Republican (or Democrat, you get the idea), they are still well within their rights to force people to pass a drug test for pre-employment, as well as ensure that the employees they already have can pass a random drug test.

BUT (and this is a big but) employers can’t just drug test you willy-nilly. In order for an employer to randomly drug test you, it has to be set forth from day one as a part of their rules and regulations that you could be subject to a random drug test—this kind of info loves to hide out in employee handbooks and that fun packet of info you get the day you start your job, so make damn sure you lurk through all those materials so you can be prepared to pass a drug test anytime you have to with a same day detox kit, right there on the spot!

That’s it for now kiddos. Meet me at the drug testing forum on for more from me if you need it.



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