Passing a Drug Test for Weed: Where’s My Flux Capacitor?

pass a piss test

Time... is it on your side?

Man, this has been a great week for a lot of the people I see across various forums for passing a drug test. But, sadly, there have been a few who did not pass drug tests for weed, and this makes me wish I had a time machine for them.

It’s hard not to get emotionally invested when you have been tracking someone’s story for days or even weeks, and then you hear back from them, only to find they failed a drug test. *sigh*

If the US government won’t allow us to smoke weed the same way people get to drink booze without any issues, they should at least provide us a flux capcitor in a sweet Delorean┬áso we can jam back to three years ago, two months ago, or one night ago to forego the shame and anguish that comes with marijuana drug testing, not to mention the insane stress it carries with it.

Having to piss in a cup is bad enough when you have nothing to worry about–but you couple that humiliation with uncertainty and now you have a formula for a personal crisis; a total drug test meltdown.

The worst part is knowing that the guy in the cubicle next to you is a total boozehound who pounds a fifth of scotch as soon as he walks through his front door–he’ll pass a drug test just fine even though he shows up late to work, smells like a bar, and performs at levels you could accomplish in your sleep.

So what are we to do? In a country where even the permanently disabled are now required to pass a drug test for government assistance, you just HAVE to be able to pass a drug test no matter what. It’s stupid and unfair, but what’s the alternative? Are you gonna join the Occupy movement and live off the land? Probably not gonna work out, sad to say.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on this issue. Tell me what you think about passing a drug test for weed. Is it fair, not fair, undecided, or do you wish you had a giant flux capacitor like I do that could take us all back in time so we wouldn’t have to freak out about drug tests?


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