How to pass a drug test: The important facts for procrastinators

how to pass a drug test fast

Be good to your body if you have lots of time before a drug test. It will help you pass.

So you have a drug test… tomorrow. Yikes buddy. Well, I can’t give you awesome news about how to pass a drug test with zero notice, but there are a couple of things you can do and a couple of awesome detox products that you can keep on hand that will help you pass a drug test in an hour.

If you have the forethought to know you need to be able to pass a drug test at some point in the future, the biggest and best piece of advice I can give you is to pre-order the drug test solutions you will need ahead of time. They stay good for just about ever, and then you can store the bottled detox drink or cleansing tablets in your glovebox, your backpack, your locker at work, your mom’s house, whatever works for you.

It’s wise to spend the $30-$100 you will need to spend if you really want to know how to pass a drug test pretty much anytime, any place. That way, if you get a bomb dropped on you about a random drug test at work, you’ve got that puppy handy and ready to go–no muss, no fuss. Bam!

On the other hand, for those of you who do have plenty of time, I cannot tell you how many times I here from a few of you being just a little too nonchalant. “Hey Dave, I found out I have a drug test in a month, so I plan on quitting smoking in two weeks. What do you recommend?” What I recommend is that you ABSTAIN NOW and keep it that way until not just after you have taken the drug test, but after you know your employer has received the results and you know for sure that you are in the clear! Don’t mess with the great hand you have been given!

If you do have loads of time, be exercising, drinking lots of mixed fluids,ABSTAINING from THC, eating healthy, and go ahead and help yourself get ahead of the curve with a permanent detox or long term cleanse that will have you ready for the big day. These usually take about three to five days, sometimes ten days, to complete.

And that’s about all there is to that campers–buy your detox product ahead of time, use your time to learn how to pass a drug test wisely. Simple, really!


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