Still have to pass a drug test in AZ, even though there’s a new dispensary in Glendale!

az dispensary

Courtesy of New Times

Today the very first marijuana dispensary has opened in Glendale, Arizona, according, which reports that the downtown location comes as a much welcomed addition to the area “two years after voters approved an initiative to legalize the drug for certain ill patients.”

With a line of local medical marijuana patients who welcomed the long-awaited dispensary with open arms, it was noted by passers-by that fears of the location “wreaking of pot” were completely dispelled, making for a more or less copacetic grand opening for the new marijuana dispensary.

But now that things have gone well to begin what was thought to have been a rocky road for such a red state, now locals have to be wondering what this new level of freedom inArizona will mean for having to pass a drug test with local businesses who until now have been as much proponents for drug testing as businesses anywhere else in some of the most conservative parts of the US.

“I have to believe there will be a trickle-down effect after more places like that one in Glendale opened,” says Randy Cyr, a local Phoenix area employer, adding, “How can we continue to be so strict on something that people are legally allowed to get from their doctor?” While Cyr may not be considering the legal implications for the newfoundmedical marijuana freedom on the federal level (meaning marijuana patients don’t technically have the right to use pot legally for any reason with regard to federal law) he may be on to something when it comes to a little more leeway for those currently looking for work who fear having to pass a drug test for their medical marijuana use.

But for those concerned about a little too much leniency with regard to marijuana in Arizona, according to the Arizona Republic, they should not be concerned—it reports, “Most of the marijuana is kept locked out of sight. Dispensary workers must verify the validity of patient’s cards before the patient can pass through a locked steel door to a room where they can view 1-gram samples of strains such as J1, OG Kush, Romulan and Purple Urkle.”

Knowing how to pass a drug test is probably still something that Arizona medical marijuana patients will still need to know how to do, at least for the time being. But many are hopeful that at least in most retail and manufacturing industries, the stringency with which these tests are currently approached will fall away in time.



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