Happy New Year! Pee in this cup please… How to pass a drug test 2013


how to pass a drug test happy new year 2013Well, it’s the end of another awesome, jaw-dropping year.

And come January 2, 2013, it will be the beginning of a whole new round of random drug testing events at post-office party cubicles all across the country. And yes, that means you too, Washington state and Colorado residents–because drug testing for marijuana is trending UPWARD in your sleepy pot-soaked havens. Why? Because companies headquartered out-of-state have every right to can your behind, what with marijuana still being illegal on the federal level.

So, everybody, back to the drawing board. But hey, the good news is that in the New Year, you won’t have any drawing to do. Just hop over to the same trusted, reliable source for detox products to pass any drug test. Yep, I gotta plug Old Faithful herself, www.PassADrugTest.com. Why?

Because listen. I’ve been pounding the pavement talking to you guys and gals all year on Facebook, on Twitter, on Marijuana.com‘s kickass drug testing forums, and well, the fact truth is, those of you who detox using anything else other than good old fashioned waiting around are NOT passing your drug tests!

Stop fighting it. You want to smoke, heck, your local governments even want you to have that right (for the most part, sigh.) But for some reason, blame it on habit or how they were raised, your employers still want you to be able to pass a random drug test.

Call it kismet, but you landed on my blog for a reason. I’m gonna say it’s cuz you’re probably looking for a way to pass a drug test in 2013. So let’s get to business. Pass your drug test. Hit me up on Twitter @DrugTestDave.

See you next year friends!



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