How to pass drug test in 2 weeks or less—Yes We Can!


pass a drug test in 2 weeks or lessWell, you still have to pass a drug test if you are in the majority group of Americans who work for medium to large-sized businesses that require either urine or hair drug tests as part of pre-employment or as a random drug testing practice.

Please note that most random drug tests conducted by employers are done by way of urinalysis. But let’s talks about both and how you can pass a drug test in 2 weeks or less, regardless of the type of drug test it is.

For hair drug testing, it’s pretty simple to pass a hair follicle drug test. All you’ll need is Two Steps A’Head shampoo and conditioner. My biggest piece of advice here is to (for god’s sake!) follow the directions. The biggest pitfalls with any detox products is that people who buy them (well, the good detox products anyway) don’t follow instructions. So don’t waste your money—FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! So that’s pretty straightforward and simple.

As for those facing a urine drug test, a permanent detox product will do the trick in just three to five days, so that two week mark you’re trying to stay under, well, problem solved. You can grab a permanent detox that clears your system of all toxins and residues in less than a week from

Done and done!

Good luck everyone, and as always, you can come ask questions privately at my Drug Test Dave Facebook page by clicking here and inboxing me.



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