Occupy Wall Street Marijuana Movement


Occupy Wall Street marijuanaI’m loving the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the efforts of the 99%. I love that the message is that essentially, there are so many messages, not only one can hover above all the rest. There’s simply too much going on to single out one issue.

But while for some the issue is the Fed, and for others the issue is unfair taxation, my issue is with our country’s healthcare, insurance, and method of providing (not just having on-hand) such phenomenal healthcare.

A big chunk of the healthcare pie is pain management. Those who need pain management often cannot get it, and when they do, they often find themselves in the grip of a very real addiction to pain medications. Option in pain management also stop working over time, especially those that are used for cancer, post-surgical procedures, and for long term issues such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

There’s not enough plausible information out there right now about how well medical marijuana works for pain management in general. So, for my part of the Occupy Movement, I’d like to suggest that we get to work on solutions for pain, because pain sucks and we know marijuana works to diminish pain in a number of ways.

We need to occupy our doctors offices–those of us who have one–and let them know how we feel about medical marijuana as an option for pain management. If you have a story about how marijuana has helped cure or rid you of your pain, please comment on this blog.

I want to hear from all of you Occupiers out there who hear me on this issue!



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