MLB Doping Scandal: How Random Drug Testing Can Affect Even The Best Of Us



Major League Baseball is set to suspend some 20 players in the coming weeks due to a scandal involving performance-enhancing drugs in what may be the worst drug abuse case in the history of the sport.

The case first began in January when a Florida newspaper leveled doping allegations against baseball’s highest-paid player, New York Yankee Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez. The newspaper reported that the shortstop and third baseman had acquired the drugs from a Miami anti-aging clinic called “Biogenesis” whose owner Anthony Bosch allegedly supplied baseball players with the performance-enhancing substances.

After the allegations, random drug testing performed on the players showed that Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun also had unusually high levels of testosterone, but his suspension was overturned.

Both athletes have denied using performance-enhancing drugs, or PEDs.

With Anthony Bosch now working with MLB officials, his information is set to bring suspensions against some 20 players, with MLB considering suspending players in violation of 100 games if they lied about their usage and 50 if it is a first offense.

With frequent drug testing performed by the MLB, the charges against some of their most valuable players comes as a surprise; mostly because a majority of the players alleged to be using performance-enhancing drugs, never tested positive for using.

While the charges are unfortunate, many fans and observers are wondering if athletes are using drug detoxes to allow a false negative to show up on their urine samples. If the charges are true, how could so many players go undetected with PEDs in their systems? Drug detoxes allow an individual to pass a drug test with as little as one hour’s notice, and continue to test clean for six hours. If an MLB team was selected for the random drug testing, by having players who were using, provide their urine sample last, the chances of players succeeding in passing off a false negative would be significant. All speculation of course, but the athletes were providing false negatives somehow, with more information on the case sure to become public as Anthony Bosch provides more information.

Nelson Cruz, Melky Cabrera, Francisco Cervelli and Bartolo Colon have all been linked to Biogenisis with the remaining athletes in question still unidentified.


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