Michael Buble Smokes Pot?

Michael Buble smokes pot?

The sky's the limit.

This just in: loads of totally normal and successful people smoke weed. But while you let that news sink in, let’s discuss the holiday season. Michael Buble is said to be the Sinatra of his generation, Canada’s version of old blue eyes, and has been singlehandedly said to be responsible for bringing crooning back en mode.

But there’s an underbelly to the world of crooners. Sinatra and Dean Martin especially loved their booze, and it was no secret. Womanizing wasn’t yet passe, and having people of different racial backgrounds sitting and eating and drinking and singing and swinging at the same table was sexy and a big gamble, even in 1960s Vegas.

So how do you top that some 60 years later? You get discovered and signed by Reprise, cut a few albums, toss in some Christmas tunes, win a grammy or two, and of course most notably, smoke marijuana. Why is that more notable than a grammy? Because in 2011 (nearly 2012) smoking weed is still–yes STILL–taboo.

Finding out that Michael Buble smokes weed, to those who listen to his music, is like hearing your grandma just died. So why is it “American” to toss back scotch while you watch the kids hang mistletoe and criminal to burn one down after they go to bed? I don’t know–ask Michael Buble–he cut a Christmas album that sold to every man, woman, and child on the planet.

But when Michael Buble says, “Come Fly with Me,” he means it literally. Could he pass a drug test? Probably, because guys like that are always prepared to keep their stellar image intact. And good for him.

So, someone call MythBusters–you can smoke pot and be a huge success, be on top of your game, handle business, and even have all the ladies after you. What makes someone a deadbeat is how they behave, not what they ingest. Both are a choice and sometimes they coincide. So until the world wises up, passing a drug test might be in the cards for Michael Buble and the rest of us.┬áC’est la vie!



  1. thatvooooodo January 20, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    JESUS doesn’t everyone know yet that EVERYBODY inldng probly JESUS smokes pot?????? the hard part it passing the drug test afterward lmfao

  2. vaporlok January 28, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    Not surprised. so many celebs smoke like the rest of us. make it legal!


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