MarketWire Reports Employee Drug Testing is Effective


pass random drug testYes, you read that title correctly, and based on the evidence provided, it is sadly true–drug testing–especially random drug testing at work–has been found to be an effective measure for employers who are trying to root out the demon of marijuana in their workplaces.

There are several layers to this situation, not the least of which is the issue that drug testing is unfair and¬†actuarially¬†unconstitutional¬†(just read up on your Fourth Amendment rights.) But another issue that is probably considered a lot less frequently is, how many employees are getting the raw end of the deal because they simply aren’t using a method to pass a drug test? So many people are simply caught off guard by random drug testing, heck, that’s why the darn things are random! But people, you don’t have to fall victim to the system.

Rather than fighting the powers that be and exposing yourself to your boss (unless that’s something he or she is cool with) why not just learn how to beat the system until legislation finally changes things for the better? Sadly, this could still be more than a decade or more off–so why hold your breath? Learn how to survive in the dense, wild jungle we call random drug testing!

MarketWire tells us that a primary concern among employers is visible and marked intoxication while workers are on the job. Okay, fair enough–nobody wants the liability of a worker so faded that he or she could cause an accident. That’s not something I’m in favor of at all. All I’m suggesting is that for those of us who indulge off the clock, in a safe and private environment, and as long as our work and productivity does not suffer, then why the random drug testing?

If random drug testing absolutely must exist, it ought to be reserved for those who are under suspicion of engaging in on-the-job intoxication–not just any of us who the boss doesn’t like, or whose names come up in a “randomized list.” Those employees whose productivity is suffering, whose attendance is poor, who seem not to value communal goals and standards–that is who random drug testing had in mind when it was initially created. Why would ANY employer want to fire their top performers and best employees–for smoking a joint on Saturday night? I don’t find that very credible.

So if you happen to be one of those top performers, and you really don’t feel like losing your job for some stupid reason like failing a random drug test, then get yourself prepared with a way to pass a drug test that won’t fail you. If you have a solid job you want to keep and you happen to indulge in extra curricular activities, then having a same day cleanse for a random drug test on hand is absolutely essential! I “highly” suggest you grab one today and store it in your glove box, backpack, purse, or wherever else it is safe from “The Man.”

Good luck to all!


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