How Long Before I Test Negative on a Drug Test?

pass your drug test

You've got this in the bag :)

As a drug forum moderator, this has to be the most common question I get asked. It seems like no matter how many times this question gets answered by extremely qualified posters on open forums about how to pass a test for marijuana, there is still an insatiable thirst for new answers all the time.

So here it is folks, drum roll please….

It’s different for every person and in every circumstance.

Sorry, I know that was probably extremely anticlimactic for most of you, but here’s the deal. You see, even since the last time you were tested for drugs, things have changed. Subtle differences in your diet, your weight, medications you started or stopped taking, hormone levels, stress levels, and a million other things I don’t have time to list here will all contribute to different results each and every time you take a drug test.

So how can we possibly prepare then Dave? What gives man!?

Here’s the deal. Because passing a drug test will be a different kind of challenge each time, you will need to always be prepared to be prepared–if that makes any sense. In other words, don’t wait until you find out you have to take a drug test to start scrambling for the solution. HAVE solutions on hand to pass a drug test, and then 99 percent of your issues will vanish into thin air.

For those of you who are on the job hunt, I have to tell you something you may not want to hear: You need to start abstaining as of right now, and do a permanent cleanse right away. After that, maintain a decent diet and quality exercise, and when the big day comes, you will pass your drug test with absolutely no issues whatsoever.

For those of you facing the dreaded random drug test and literally have no idea when it could rear its ugly head, be prepared by buying a same day detox solution and keeping that sucker on hand. Whether it’s in your glove box or your back pack, keep that baby nearby and ready for action because random drug testing is… very random and tailor made to take you by surprise.

Read all the instructions ahead of time so your not scampering around like a school girl with a secret when the boss hands you the peepee cup. Like a boy scout, you must always be prepared! And believe me, the preparation kills more stress than yoga my friend. Knowing that you’ve got this with ease and that you know exactly how to pass a drug test without issue brings about a sense of calm that makes it possible for you to actually have a shot at passing–and without having to engage in any of the crazy things you hear about online, like subbing urine with synthetic pee or your nephew’s urine, or drinking bleach, which of course I am wildly opposed to and don’t recommend for people or even roaches or lab rats even.

Do what I say and passing your drug test will be a walk in the park. It’s pretty simple… IF you make it that way.


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