Life & Times of Tim Drug Test Episode

pass a random drug test with a same day cleanser

Tim, The Boss, and the guys humbled by their random drug test

The animated HBO hit “The Life and Times of Tim” has gone largely unnoticed by many, but those who like this show love it, and I am one of them. So when I saw the episode where The Boss takes the guys who work for him out on the town, smokes pot with them, and then tries to get them all out of having to take a drug test the very next day, I was in hog heaven.

What makes this episode so classic is that it shows stuff that actually happens in workplaces where cubicles and worthless meetings abound. Office chairs and the smell of Subway sandwiches wafting through the air, the Swingline stapler that everyone steals from one another, and yes, the secret love of pot and the secret fear of ever having to pass a random drug test.

It’s part of our culture, but it’s one of those things–if you can’t laugh at it, you’ll never survive it. Like Tim, many of us have or have had a guy like The Boss in our lives–he wants to be “one of the regular folks” but winds up sticking out like a sore thumb because, quite simply, he’s the boss and no one else is on his level, so they’re in constant fear they could do or say something wrong (“I distinctly heard niggity!”)

The random drug test Maureen administers the morning after is a classic case of office irony–you rarely indulge, the one time you do it’s because of coercion from coworkers and your boss, and then bam, drug test! It’s funny because it’s true! Watch this show, and always pass a drug test by having a same day cleanser on hand. Tim agrees–it’s better than losing your job even if your boss makes you skat.


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