Why is Legalizing Weed Not a Campaign Issue in 2012?


how to pass a drug testIt’s been all over the country for the past four or more election cycles. People all over the country have prescriptions for medical marijuana that are “technically” not recognized by the federal government. Scientific data and research has determined that the use of marijuana in cancer patients and others is a viable approach to pain management, lack of appetite, and other medical issues.

Yet we can’t get one person in any party–that’s taken seriously–to discuss the issue of marijuana legalization and how it will affect those who have to pass a drug test to get or keep a job.

But there’s more than the issue of random urinalysis or having to pass a drug test for pre-employment to discuss when it comes to legalizing it. The issue ties into another MAJOR issue that ALSO wasn’t discussed at ANY of the presidential debates–the safety and security of our borders and the massive drug war ensuing between the US and Mexico.

The war on drugs at our nation’s border has caused more than a little unrest–if you’re not aware of this issue, you may want to Google it. There are more deaths, firearms being trafficked, humans being trafficked, and more drugs coming in than ever before. This issue is paralyzing entire border towns, making violence the rule rather than the exception, and keeping the legitimate economies of these areas from being able to grow.

So why oh why is this compounded issue of legalizing drugs and ending the war on drugs plus what we plan to do on foreign policy with regard to the border with Mexico not enough of an issue to get just ONE moderator to ask ONE question about it?

You do the math, because I’m out of answers over here! If anyone has a legitimate answer to this question, I’d be delighted to post your comments right here!

Here’s to all of us knowing how to pass a drug test in the meantime!


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