My “How to Pass A Drug Test Guide” has been revamped y’all!


How to pass a drug test don't use fake pee!, the decade-old source site for complete information on how to pass a drug test for pre-employment, random employment drug testing, and drug testing for students, has re-released its famous Guide to Passing a Drug Test with updated information for drug test takers facing the newest technologies being utilized by labs across the US today.

According to the Website principal, the change in the guide came about due to changes in the drug testing procedures done at laboratories, and in an effort to discourage drug test takers from using synthetic urine to pass a drug test. spokesperson Dave Dawkins stated, “Synthetic urine products worked at one time, but they are no longer an effective method for passing a drug test. And one thing that has always been true is that it’s illegal to use fake urine to pass any drug test anywhere, anytime. So we’ve refreshed the How to Pass A Drug Test guide to reflect the changes in technology in labs that will keep people from passing their drug tests if they opt to use fake urine. It’s illegal, it doesn’t work, so we’re really trying to usher people to an understanding that detoxing their bodies so they can safely and legally use their own clean urine to pass drug tests is the way to go.”

The updated guide includes information about gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC/MS), drug test detection times, what to do for exposure to second-hand smoke, which substances are detectable on urine drug tests, how false positives on drug tests can occur, how to detox for drug testing, and which urban myths about drug testing are false, including the use of goldenseal, aspirin, and an unfortunate new trend, the use of chlorine bleach to pass a drug test—a highly dangerous way to pass a drug test that Dave Dawkins has been combating on his drug test forum and blog for months.

Awesome PR–thanks to WebWire for that!


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