Drug Testing for Bath Salts Now Available. You’re Welcome Real Weed Smokers.


synthetic marijuana drug testing for bath saltsYa gotta love the Dennis Romero take on marijuana drug testing. If you’re not aware of what that is, basically, it means get your hands off my urine–unless you’d like to test it for synthetic marijuana. I have to say, as someone who detests drug testing and finds it to be an extremely invasive rape of American liberties, this is one place I have to say I’m not entirely against it. And here’s why…

Synthetic marijuana type drugs, also known as “bath salts” (I love that!) are extremely harmful when smoked or otherwise ingested, and the news reports we hear about people who have gotten into trouble (i.e. those who were lucky enough to have a bad day rather than a bad stroke caused by fake weed) detail the accounts of people losing their minds–car surfing naked at noon, found incoherent in a ditch with no concept of time or reality, and so on. It kinda sounds like the horror stories you’d hear about LSD or peyote in the Sixties–only for real.

So yeah, I’m for it. I think drug testing for fake pot is a justice to real pot and those of us who stick with the stuff that’s mellow, harmless, and should be legal because it’s helpful, not harmful. (Be ready for your urine drug test by the way–new statistics are showing employers who do random drug testing for pot are back on the rise. Ugh.)

In his LA Weekly blog, Romero writes, “Last month the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act went into effect from coast-to-coast. It bans these horrific drugs. For once we’re on the side of prohibition.” I couldn’t agree more. Romero adds, “Omega Laboraties announced this week that it can now test for synthetic pot (K2, Spice, et. al.) and the dreaded bath salts.  And it can do so through oral swabs. Wow.”

It’s pretty amazing how quickly they made that happen when you look at drug testing history as a whole. What’s interesting is that Omega’s CEO states that the company is in it for the public safety factor–not sure if I believe they’re doing it in the name of good samaritanism, but hey, if it helps keep more people from feeling and looking like they’re riding a psychotic horse toward a burning barn, I’m all for it.

But now it’s your turn–I want to hear from you guys. What do you think of drug testing for bath salts? Think it should be legal and part of what pre-employment drug tests check for? Tell me what you think.



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