Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab is Back–Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

celebrity rehab pass a drug test

Season 6 begins May 2012

Well, Dr. Drew will be hitting the airwaves again with Celebrity Rehab, whether you like it or not. Most of you like it, and I have to say, when Dr. Drew is doling out some of his solemn wisdom on someone with serious drug addiction issues, it’s a nice change of pace from celebrating celebrity downfall on Jersey Shore, and so on.

But at this point, are we in some way celebrating the dysfunction of celebrity drug rehab and addiction to very dangerous drugs when we tune in to watch Dr. Drew on VH1? It’s a question I am asking in all earnestness.

Now I like Dr. Drew a lot, and feel that over the years he’s given young people answers that are real and grounded in reality rather than simple black and white/yes and no/not reality-based responses. But I still don’t agree with Dr. Pinski’s take on marijuana. Now, you’re saying, of course you don’t Dave, you’re Drug Test Dave! But it’s not quite that simple.

I’m not suggesting that even regular or daily pot smoking should be deemed acceptable or even normal, but the cut and dry “never ever” take on marijuana I think is dangerous and limiting. I mean, would Dr. Drew have the same feeling about marijuana if it were legal, regulated, taxed, and all that? Certainly he would deem it appropriate for someone without a drinking problem to have a glass of wine with dinner–but would he if it were illegal?

I guess my question boils down to, is it a matter of addiction, or in some cases, could it be considered a case of what our social mores allow for? If marijuana was 100% legal, would it then be acceptable in the doctor’s eyes to indulge responsibly, say after dinner or at a birthday celebration?

Maybe one day we will hear why people who share a spliff with neighbors at a¬†barbecue¬†have to pass a drug test while their drinking buddy counterparts won’t have to worry–even if they show up to work hung over from having alcohol mere hours before.

You all know that at the end of the day, I weigh injustice by who has to be able to pass a drug test and how often. Random alcohol screenings seem crazy, don’t they, nonsmoker population? :)

It’s all food for thought, and hopefully something we can hear from Dr. Drew about in this sixth season of Celebrity Rehab.


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