Celebs Now Smoking “Spice” to Pass a Drug Test

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Rihanna buying Spice in LA

Well I figured something like this was coming down the pike, and you all know how much we look to hiphop artists and other famous musicians to take our cues from… okay, well that was a little tongue in cheek, but the kids around the world sure do. So now that passing a drug test has become a chore that could keep a celeb in or out of jail, cancel a recording contract, or have other devastating ramifications, many of them have turned to smoking what is being referred to as “spice.” My oh my, this is a problem.

Some of the celebs in question who have admitted to smoking spice, like Miley Cyrus, and others who are rumored to be smoking spice like Kid Cudi, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, and Kristen Stewart, are doing so for fun–the kind of fun that goes undetected in a typical drug test.

So why is this a problem? It’s called a name as general as “spice” for a reason–one never knows what it could actually contain, how it is treated, manicured, preserved, etc., and frankly, there’s no way to know the source of the spice in question. What one rap star gets at a head shop in Los Angeles isn’t going to be the same spice another celebrity gets in Manhattan, and so on. This is not yet a classified narcotic, and therefor you could LITERALLY be smoking anything.

Some news reports indicate that some vendors of spice, especially those overseas, have had their products lab tested by investigators to find a number of extremely harmful chemicals in them. Everything from formaldehyde to bleach, ammonia, and more.

To me, this is sending a dangerous message to our youngsters–can’t pass a drug test for marijuana? No problem, just smoke some of this totally random herb and you’ll pass your test. But the subtext is, what’s it doing to your organs, your brain, and so on–is it a depressant, a stimulant, something else? Who knows?!

One thing is for sure, it isn’t homegrown weed. And while marijuana doesn’t currently enjoy legality in most instances, when it comes from a dispensary or other safe place, it’s certainly safer on the human body that what’s behind door number two.

Don’t let the powers that be scare you into smoking or otherwise consuming something that could be permanently detrimental to your health. Do what’s best and be prepared to pass a drug test at all times. It’s cheaper, easier, smarter, and your body will thank you for not ingesting poisons. That’s my two cents!


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