Celebrity Secret to Passing a Drug Test

celebrity secrets to passing a drug test

The secret is... Winning!

Many people are under the impression that celebrities have some hidden secret when it comes to passing a drug test. The truth of the matter is that everyone–including YOU–has the same access to drug passing methods that all celebrities have.

OMG, what could it be? HOW? It’s not as complicated as you think. What you need is a same day cleanser or permanent detox solution that removes the drug toxins from your digestive tract and urinart tract for a period of time in order for you to pass your drug test.

A same day cleanser will literally do this in a matter of about an hour or so, while a permanent detox solution might take about three to five days or so.

Essentially, what these detoxers do (most especially the same day cleanser that works in just one hour) is keep toxins that are in your fat stores and blood stream from entering your excretory system–and by so doing, make it possible for you to pass a drug test!

Did you really think Charlie Sheen had tiger blood, or that Snoop Dogg had really given up chronic? Think again. They got their cake, and now they are eating it–in front of you, the media, and the world.

So if you want some cake, make sure you’re prepared to pass a drug test. You have both immediate and long term options available, you just have to know how to get them.

And a word to the wise: same day cleansers can’t work the same day if you don’t have them–so if you are in a position where random drug testing can occur, I “highly” recommend keeping some same day detox caps on hand.

Now you know, so you can’t say you had no way to prepare for a drug test. The celebrity secret to passing a drug test is being prepared to pass one!


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