Big Boi passes his drug test :: Celebrity Drug Testing


pass a marijuana testAccording to BET news, Big Boi has passed his mandatory drug test. The news update on their site reads as follows:

“Big Boi appeared in a Miami court Thursday and passed his second mandatory drug test. The procedure is part of his plea deal that require he pass three consecutive tests.

The Atlanta rapper was arrested in August when he entered the port of Miami. He was found with MDMA, Viagra, and a pipe with marijuana residue. In October, he accepted a plea deal that would have him perform community service, pay a $2,000 fine, and pass mandatory drug test.

His next test will be scheduled in 30 days.”

Congrats, Big Boi. But I have to use this opportunity to note my frustration about marijuana drug testing in particular. I hope Big Boi isn’t just having to pass a marijuana test given what else was found, but beyond that, I’d like to speak out against marijuana drug testing, especially with regard to employment drug testing.

Over the past couple of weeks especially, I have counseled and spoken to many more people than usual about how stressed out and scared they are about passing their tests. Two people in particular come to mind right now. The first is a young sales professional who has his first shot after over a year of unemployment for the sales position of his dreams. The other, a young college grad who sadly failed his drug test when it went in for additional testing (see gas chromatography and mass spectrometry.)

Both of these young professionals were light users, and neither had any priors, any DUIs or DWIs. Both have impressive resumes, and both are upstanding citizens with families to feed.

Drug tests should be reserved for drug abusers and those on probation for felony crimes, not for regular John and Jane Q. Public who smoke to fight insomnia, use marijuana for pain management, or yes, even use marijuana responsibly just as any other adult would responsibly drink alcohol. Keyword being RESPONSIBLE.

I’d like to hear from any and all who read this post–what is your opinion? What do YOU think about drug testing regular people for marijuana as part of pre-employment and/or random drug testing in the workplace? Send me your comments.

Here’s to hoping that living in a free country will actually mean we are free to responsibly use marijuana or use medical marijuana legally in the near future.



  1. JM December 20, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    A significant amount of drug use is for self medication, people need to know this.

  2. LC January 8, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    Sweet website


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