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High School in St. Louis issues drug tests and random search for drugs.

A St. Louis based high school issued a lockdown and performed random drug searches. This poises a great question we are wondering what you guys think out there. Should High School students face random drug searches and drug testing? What does this teach our children about their right to privacy? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

A local St. Louis area high school went on lockdown and performed a random search for drugs. Is this necessary or evil?

Here’s the link to the news story:–244069081.html

Here’s the link to the school’s response:


Medical Marijuana Regulations and bills detox the stigma of Marijuana – but not everyone is sold.

In a recent survey performed online that was released last week over 2/3 of participants stated they would support the further legalization of Marijuana in the United States. This news follows a slue of states moving the directions of over 15 states that now offer some form of medical or recreational marijuana. States like South Carolina have put forward a Decriminalization bill for marijuana. Others like Georgia, Illinois and Wyoming have thwarted recent efforts for legalization in those states.. The saga continues but one thing is certain; legalization of marijuana is one of the largest social developments in recent U.S. history.

Some pleasantly surprising poll results from Michigan, medical marijuana bills are popping up all over the place, the Baby Bou Bou SWAT raid is sparking bills to rein in over-the-top drug raiders, and more. Let’s get to it:

Georgia bills seek to rein in over-the-top drug raiders.

Marijuana Policy

Michigan Poll Has Support for Taxing and Regulating Marijuana at 64%. A SurveyUSA poll released late last week has nearly two-thirds of respondents saying they would support legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana to increase school and road funding. That same set of respondents did not support increasing sales tax to increase school and road funding. Only 43% answered yes to that question. Click the link for more poll details.

South Carolina Decriminalization Bill Filed. Rep. Mike Pitts (R-Laurens) has filed House Bill 3117, which would decriminalize the possession of up to an ounce of weed.

Medical Marijuana

Pediatricians Call for Rescheduling Marijuana, Say Compassionate Use for Children Okay. In a new policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that the DEA reschedule marijuana to ease research on it. The influential medical society is also proposing that medical marijuana be made available on a compassionate basis for children with serious illnesses who have not benefited from other medicines. Click the policy statement link for more detail.

Georgia CBD Medical Marijuana Bill Filed. Rep. Allen Peake (R-Macon) today filed House Bill 1, which would allow the use of CBD cannabis oil for qualifying patients. He had earlier considered a bill that would allow marijuana to be grown in-state, but he removed that language after objections from Gov. Nathan Deal (R). Peake said he hopes a deal can be struck that will allow for cannabis oil to be imported to the state.

New Illinois Governor Stalling Medical Marijuana Licenses. Former Gov. Pat Quinn (D) left behind a list of companies poised to be granted medical marijuana business licenses, but incoming Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) is in no hurry. Now he wants to conduct “a thorough legal review of the process” used to choose licensees. Medical marijuana patients will have to continue to wait.

South Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill Filed. House Minority Leader J. Todd Rutherford (D-Columbia) and several cosponsors have filed House Bill 3140, which would allow qualifying patients to grow and possess limited amounts of marijuana. Last year, the legislature passed a CBD-only medical marijuana bill.

Wyoming Medical Marijuana Bill Killed in House. The House Judiciary Committee last Thursday killed a medical marijuana bill on a 5-4 vote. The bill was House Bill 78.

Drug Testing

Wisconsin Governor Won’t Fight Feds Over Food Stamp Drug Testing, But Will Seek Waiver. Gov. Scott Walker (R) had vowed to fight the Obama administration over requiring drug tests for food stamp recipients, but his forthcoming budget proposal now says he will seek waivers from the federal government. Federal law bars adding new eligibility requirements to the food stamp program.

Law Enforcement

Baby Bou Bou SWAT Raid Sparks Georgia Bill Regulating “No Knock” Raids. The May drug raid over a $50 meth sale that left a Georgia infant seriously injured by a flash bang grenade has sparked a reaction in the state legislature. Senate Bill 45, filed by Sen. Vincent Fort(D-Fulton County) this month, would require police to show probable cause that there is imminent potential for life endangerment or destruction of evidence if they knocked and declared their presence at a suspect’s door prior to arrest. A separate House Bill 56 would end unannounced arrests between 10pm and 6am, unless a judge specifically grants a warrant.


Ukraine Blocking Delivery of Opiate Maintenance Drugs to Rebel Regions. The Kiev government is effectively blockading the pro-Russia regions under control of rebels, including supplies of buphrenorphine and methadone. Russia has been delivering other medical supplies to the region, but not the opiate maintenance drugs, which are illegal in Russia. In Donetsk, the last 52 patients on buphrenorphine ran out earlier this month, and the dwindling supply of methadone will be gone by March 1. There are nearly 400 methadone patients in the region.


MLB Doping Scandal: How Random Drug Testing Can Affect Even The Best Of Us


Major League Baseball is set to suspend some 20 players in the coming weeks due to a scandal involving performance-enhancing drugs in what may be the worst drug abuse case in the history of the sport.

The case first began in January when a Florida newspaper leveled doping allegations against baseball’s highest-paid player, New York Yankee Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez. The newspaper reported that the shortstop and third baseman had acquired the drugs from a Miami anti-aging clinic called “Biogenesis” whose owner Anthony Bosch allegedly supplied baseball players with the performance-enhancing substances.

After the allegations, random drug testing performed on the players showed that Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun also had unusually high levels of testosterone, but his suspension was overturned.

Both athletes have denied using performance-enhancing drugs, or PEDs.

With Anthony Bosch now working with MLB officials, his information is set to bring suspensions against some 20 players, with MLB considering suspending players in violation of 100 games if they lied about their usage and 50 if it is a first offense.

With frequent drug testing performed by the MLB, the charges against some of their most valuable players comes as a surprise; mostly because a majority of the players alleged to be using performance-enhancing drugs, never tested positive for using.

While the charges are unfortunate, many fans and observers are wondering if athletes are using drug detoxes to allow a false negative to show up on their urine samples. If the charges are true, how could so many players go undetected with PEDs in their systems? Drug detoxes allow an individual to pass a drug test with as little as one hour’s notice, and continue to test clean for six hours. If an MLB team was selected for the random drug testing, by having players who were using, provide their urine sample last, the chances of players succeeding in passing off a false negative would be significant. All speculation of course, but the athletes were providing false negatives somehow, with more information on the case sure to become public as Anthony Bosch provides more information.

Nelson Cruz, Melky Cabrera, Francisco Cervelli and Bartolo Colon have all been linked to Biogenisis with the remaining athletes in question still unidentified.

Pass A Drug Test In An Hour




Volunteering a urine sample for employment or legal reasons can sometimes happen with little to no notice. Usually done to try and catch individuals as is, there is a way to pass a drug test with only an hour’s notice. By keeping a drug detox in your wallet or purse, you can be ready for a random drug test and be confident in passing.

The only safe bet to pass a drug test on little to no notice is using a drug detox. Unlike synthetic urine that’s detectable, not reliable, and can be punishable for tampering with evidence, drug detoxes are convenient, undetectable, and require no tampering with your urine sample.

Drug detoxes work by consuming a top same-day cleanser that works to provide a strong level of toxin removal that clears out all traces of recreational drug use. Once taken, in as little as an hour, any urine sample provided will show as though you’re clean, and will therefore test negative. Ideal for situations where you may have to provide your sample in the presence of a test collection site worker, there is no need to worry about trying to cheat or diluting a sample. Drug detoxes continue to allow individual’s to test clean for a six hour window after consumption, and can be beneficial if you’re not exactly sure when the test will be required of you on a urine sample day.

Using a drug detox is straightforward and is 100% guaranteed. Trying a sample at home and giving yourself a drug test can reassure any worries about how effective the cleansers are. If you are in a situation where you may be subject to random drug testing for employment or legal reasons, keeping a drug detox close at hand can help you to enjoy your recreational activities without any worries about testing positive.

Michigan Senator Wants Random Drug Testing For Elected Officials

elected drug test


According to Democratic Senator Bert Johnson, if Michigan wants to test welfare recipients for drug and alcohol abuse, it should do the same for elected officials. Under the assumption that the state holds its legislators to the same standards as its citizens, the request likely won’t make it to state legislature, but it is worth addressing.

Elected party officials, appointees and otherwise have been linked to drug and alcohol abuse in the past, most recently Treasurer Andy Dillion who reportedly spent five days in January at an addiction treatment center at Brighton Hospital after several years of heavy drinking. State Senator Anthony Galucio of Massachusetts their State Representative Mar J. Carron and Rhode Island State Representative Daniel P. Gordon all famously were convicted of DUI in the past three years, with South Carolina State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel convicted of cocaine charges. Drug and alcohol abuse can affect anyone regardless of one’s employment.

Drug testing in order to receive welfare benefits is currently becoming approved by a majority of state legislations, with the measure now heading to the Senate where it’s likely to advance in many states, including Michigan.

According to the legislation, if there is a “reasonable suspicion” a welfare recipient is using illegal substances, that person would be required to submit and pass a drug test. People who test positive for drugs the first time would be referred to a substance abuse treatment center that they must pay for out-of-pocket, with any positive subsequent times or drops out of treatment resulting in their family benefits being stripped.

With the measure passing through in many states, under the assumption that the public’s tax money should not fund the war on drugs, at what point should the measure be extended, like Senator Bert Johnson suggests, to public officials and appointees?

There are a variety of products that help aid drug and alcohol users to test clean for a variety of drug tests ranging from urine samples, to hair follicle samples and even salvia and blood tests. While reasonably priced, many elected officials may have a better chance of obtaining an aid to help them pass a drug test than their low-income neighboring citizens who depend on welfare to get by.

As opponents of the welfare drug testing claim it’s not to help users find treatment, but a punitive attack on low-income individuals, it will be interesting to wait and see if the measure ever extends past low-income individuals, to all tax-paid individuals including elected officials, and if so, if that measure would ever pass as easily as now.



Why Are So Many UFC Fighters Failing Drug Tests?




UFC is one of the few sports that do not implement year-round random drug testing. With over 475 contracted fighters, UFC commissioner Dana White is fearful of drug testing, over statistics that more than 80% of them might wind up being suspended.

While steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs are of concern, the main reason for failed drug tests is not what you may think.

“Forget about PEDs,” White said. “If we get into this system that we’re talking about where we would randomly test these guys, do you know how many guys would probably test positive for marijuana? It would be probably off the charts.”

In a sport where fighters train for months ahead of time, if an athlete becomes suspended, fights often get canceled. UFC fighters need to learn their opponents strengths, weaknesses, and make weight in addition to often holding a job elsewhere. This is one of the reasons that test results from random drug testings, usually are not made known until at least a week later, to keep the fans happy and keep a fight in place, no matter how unfair the fight is.

As of current, the UFC lets matches be regulated in the U.S. by the state athletic commissions where the events are held. In Canada, the provincial governments regulate them. In parts of the world where there are no commissions, the UFC appoints Marc Ratner, its vice president of regulatory affairs, to regulate the shows and test the fighters.

Even without year-round random drug testing, the amounts of fighters who are failing drug tests are outlandish.

In the past few months, over twenty fighters have tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs and other illegal or illegal use drugs.

Stephan Bonnar, or “The American Psycho” was found to have used steroids in UFC 153 against Anderson Silva. The following fight, in UFC 153, Dave Herman tested positive for marijuana as well as Thiago Silva, Alex Caceres and Matt Riddle within a short period. The list continues with Joey Beltran, Rousimar Palhares, Thiago Tavares and Lavar Johnson all testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. The list is long, but as three main UFC fighters including Pat Healy have all had failed drug tests become public this week, the attention on UFC and drugs within the sport is at an all time high.

The main issue may be that many fighters don’t think there’s anything wrong with marijuana use in UFC, and are openly against penalties against it. Sure, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and a few others are actively urging for more frequent drug tests, but the list of those who oppose is significant. UFC Commissioner Dana White is against frequent drug testing, and doesn’t think marijuana should carry the same suspension as performance-enhancing drugs like steroids and testosterone transfers. Others feel the need to take laxatives in order to make weight, but don’t consider it a crime, as their fighting abilities are the same. Whatever the case is for and against drug use in UFC, at some point, one has to wonder why fighters don’t try covering up their tracks more significantly?

Pat Healy lost at least $135,000 on May 15 2013 after he tested positive for marijuana following his recent victory over Jim Miller at UFC 159. J’Leon Love also had news of his failed drug test become public on May 15th, where he faces at least a $30,000 penalty streaming from his $100,000 win against Gabriel Rosado. With the financial gain as significant as it is, and the risk of being labeled a cheater, devastating to any fighter’s career, the risk of being given a drug test and failing comes with serious consequences.

The main common drug concealer that UFC fighters use is Hydrochlorothiazide that can cover up the use of steroids and other performance-enhancement drugs. The unfortunate part is Hydrochlorothiazide is on the list of banned diuretics and while it may not show all the drugs consumed, the suspension and fines are the same.

If UFC fighters switched to taking natural detoxes, it would allow them a better chance of making weight before a fight, and any drugs in their system would be removed, allowing them to test clean for up to six hours after consuming the detox. Fighters who believe the use of marijuana should be allowed in UFC could do so, and the commissioners wouldn’t be able to find the drug in their system. If an athlete was using steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs for training purposes, the detox would allow them to fight fair and test clean. Without having to worry about the increasingly prominent random-drug testing’s that are performed, being called a cheater, or being kicked out of UFC for good, it’s fascinating that more fighters are not already using natural drug detoxes. Or are they?



Not Worth The Risk; Using Fake Urine















There are a variety of ways individuals try to cheat the drug testing system, most notably using synthetic urine. Using fake urine has long been linked to drug testing through pop culture and supposed stories of success. Through time and medical advances however, any chance of passing a drug test using synthetic urine are slim to none. New technologies in the drug testing field are specifically made to flag synthetic urine that makes it almost, if not entirely impossible to fake a clean test.

When an individual takes a drug test, the collected urine is split into two equal aliquots. The first half of the sample is screened for drugs using an analyzer, typically the SAMHSA 5 panel, and will flag any discrepancies even if they’re not drug related such as temperature and water content. This part of the test can bust synthetic urine users almost instantly. Synthetic urine may appear to pass visually due to being the right color and amount of liquid, but professionals that work with urine samples on a daily basis are more than just aware on synthetic urine and know how to spot a fake when they see one. Urine samples should be between 94 and 100 degrees if taken on-location, and if an individual urinates and immediately has it collected after, it should still be relatively hot. When using fake urine however, the liquid will either be your outside body temperature, or room temperature, making it significantly colder than a natural sample should be. Companies suggest heating the synthetic urine beforehand, but the chances of heating the urine somewhere, going to an on-site location, and the time it takes to finally provide a sample, the chances of the synthetic urine remaining the proper temperature is slim to none.  When this happens, the sample is thrown out and the individual is asked to complete the drug test again, most often in the presence of a supervisor.

On top of that, while synthetic urine may pass drugstore drug tests, many professional grade tests taken for pre-employment or probation purposes can actually test for individuality and can tell if a urine sample matches one of the leading brands for synthetic urine. American Toxicology is one such brand that can test for brands such as Quick Fix, and can test if a sample is substituted and therefore not human specimen.

The risks involved in using synthetic urine just are not worth it. Using synthetic urine is considered tampering with evidence, and is a crime and punishable offense, one in which most judges will take seriously for those who are already known offenders, on parole, and on probation. For pre-employment tests, those individuals will most likely not get the job, and companies that screen employees regularly, can have employees lose their jobs upon being caught.

Those who want to test clean without breaking the law should stay away from synthetic urine, and rather go a more natural and safe way. There are one-hour drug detoxes on the market that allow for an individual to test clean in 60 minutes after consuming a detox, and will be able to test clean for six hours following.

In using a detox rather than synthetic urine, your sample is the real deal, and therefore you won’t need to worry about it being the wrong temperature or showing up as not a human specimen. Furthermore, depending on your situation, if you need to provide a sample while in the presence of another supervisor, there isn’t any worry about trying to sneak a fake sample into your cup or being caught with the illegal substitute.




Mandatory Drug Testing For Welfare & Unemployment Pay; What It Means For You.

Drug Testing for Welfare

Throughout America, many states either have bills currently moving through state legislatures or have passed in senate a new reform that ties welfare benefits to mandatory drug testing. Some states are going a step further, requiring drug tests for unemployment recipients as well.


The arguments invoked by legislators looking to integrate mandatory drug testing for unemployment and/or welfare is to prevent taxpayer money from being used to purchase illegal drugs. The argument assumes that welfare recipients purchase and consume illegal substances at a higher percentage than the general population.


Whether the assumptions are true or not, as states take on the battle of mandatory drug testing, here’s what it could mean for you if you currently receive welfare or unemployment pay and would like to continue doing so should the measures pass in your state.


Measures will vary slightly in each state, but generally speaking if implemented, applicants would need to fill out a short survey on their drug use, if any and provide a urine sample on location. If an applicant’s drug test comes back as clean, they can receive their payments as usual, so long as their children stay actively enrolled in school (if applicable) and participate in a work-training program. Applicants who test positive for drugs would be provided several resources, none of which would be funded by the state department, such as substance abuse programs and 12-step groups to get clean so they can reapply. Those who can provide evidence of treatment can get six months of welfare benefits and then be reinstated. They would permanently lose benefits if they fail the test. Depending on your state, applicants may need to pay for their own drug tests which can range from $25-$50 and then be reimbursed if their test comes back negative.


Florida instated drug-testing laws back in 2010 causing temporary assistance approvals to drop from 8,495 in September 2010 to 4,586 in September 2011, before a judge stopped the program on constitutional grounds. Despite the testing ending in Florida many states have found the results to be promising for their own states, and are moving forward. We’ll just have to wait and see what the results are this time around.


If you are concerned about losing your benefits through failing a drug test, should the measure become instated in your local area, there’s help for passing a drug test, even if you’re not necessarily clean. The most beneficial in this case would be the 1-hour detox, which can help your results show that you’re clean for six hours and starts working in 60 minutes. There are other options out there as well, ranging from shampoos for hair tests, and help for blood and saliva tests.

How to pass drug test in 2 weeks or less—Yes We Can!

pass a drug test in 2 weeks or lessWell, you still have to pass a drug test if you are in the majority group of Americans who work for medium to large-sized businesses that require either urine or hair drug tests as part of pre-employment or as a random drug testing practice.

Please note that most random drug tests conducted by employers are done by way of urinalysis. But let’s talks about both and how you can pass a drug test in 2 weeks or less, regardless of the type of drug test it is.

For hair drug testing, it’s pretty simple to pass a hair follicle drug test. All you’ll need is Two Steps A’Head shampoo and conditioner. My biggest piece of advice here is to (for god’s sake!) follow the directions. The biggest pitfalls with any detox products is that people who buy them (well, the good detox products anyway) don’t follow instructions. So don’t waste your money—FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! So that’s pretty straightforward and simple.

As for those facing a urine drug test, a permanent detox product will do the trick in just three to five days, so that two week mark you’re trying to stay under, well, problem solved. You can grab a permanent detox that clears your system of all toxins and residues in less than a week from

Done and done!

Good luck everyone, and as always, you can come ask questions privately at my Drug Test Dave Facebook page by clicking here and inboxing me.


Permanent Detox Products Work, Stop Scooping Pee Out of the Toilet for the Love of God!

detox products dont use urine from the toilet to pass a drug test

You haz no bidniss in here!

I gotta love checking my WordPress stats to see what search keywords people are using that wind them up on my site. I was astonished enough to spit coffee across my computer screen when the search term “get urine out of toilet drug test” was searched 15 times.

People, please do not start ladling urine out of toilets to pass a drug test, mmkay? I know, I know, you’re in desperate need, but there’s desperation, and there’s stuff that doesn’t work no matter how desperate you are. Hijacking your babymama’s weewee from the can is not a well thought out way to try to pass a drug test.

Number one, urine that’s already in the bowl (all puns intended, sorry) has water mixed in with it, and also any chemicals the toilet itself contains, like cleaners, those SuperFlush2000 tablet thingies, bleach, and good god only knows what else (I shudder to think.)

The national freakout over drug testing needs to chill. It’s SO easy to pass a drug test! All you need a is a permanent detox product that removes all the toxins from your body—THAT IS IT! The permanent detox kit from does it in three days! (read: yes, you will have to drink some water, put the Mountain Dew down for a sec, and consider eating something other than pizza for 72 whole hours.)

That’s it. Stop complicating it with plans to horde urine, or use synthetic garbage, or spike your pee with bleach—none of that crap works and it’s also against the rules to do it!

Grab a permanent detox, follow the instructions, take your drug test, and then go watch True Blood with your girlfriend and relax.