I ate pot brownies and now I have a drug test! SOS DrugTestDave!!!

how to pass a drug test after eating pot brownies

Num num! Now what?

For some reason, I am getting a lot more questions lately having to do with edibles, mostly how to pass a drug test after eating pot brownies. Edibles seem to be the rockstar of the cannabis scene these days. A lot of proponents say it’s because you Millenials just don’t like to smoke stuff. Well, good for you for trying to take better care of your bods… but you still have to be able to pass a drug test. Knowing is half the battle, right? So take a page from G.I. Joe and learn how to pass your drug test after eating pot brownies or other edibles. It ain’t no thang!

First things first guys. Like I always say about smoking, the golden rule of passing any drug test is taking an at-home urine test to see what turns up before the big day at the lab.

Depending on how your test turns out, you’ll know what to do from there–either dilute or cleanse based on what has worked for you in the past and based on what you’re comfortable with. But here’s the trick: Don’t assume that whatever your outcome with passing a test after smoking pot will be the same as your outcome after exposure to edibles. Smoking and eating are different physiological processes, and therefore hit you in different ways. In the same way that these two methods feel different, they cause different reactions for your body, and therefore don’t have the same clean-up time.

With that said, most people who indulge in edibles don’t do so as frequently as those who smoke, so as a general rule of thumb, those who ONLY eat will be able to pass a drug test faster. Given that those of us who smoke aren’t generally averse to edibles, the double dippers doing both kinds of consuming will need to work a little harder at getting clean, unless you plan to do a permanent cleanse before your drug test, you will want to make sure you have those highly coveted 30 days clean under your belt, and throwing in some rigorous exercise can’t hurt either.

Final words of wisdom: If you know you have to face random drug tests at work, stick with one method of consumption or another unless you plan on keeping a supply of same day detox kits for passing drug tests on hand. If you plan to dilute or in any way use our own urine to pass a drug test, make sure you keep an at-home drug test on hand and know your way around good quality drug test detox methods and/or you’re all practiced up on the classic dilution method.

Enjoy your edibles everyone. Man, they sure are tasty :)


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