Amber Portwood of Teen Mom Fails Drug Test

pass a drug test

Amber Portwood can't seem to pass a drug test.

We first met Amber Portwood on 16 & Pregnant a few years ago when she was… 16 and pregnant. Through the course of her pregnancy and subsequent birth of her child, a daughter, we saw her waffle  back and forth on whether or not to stay in a relationship with the father, Gary.

Later, when Amber and Gary and their bundle of joy graduated to Teen Mom fame, we saw Amber berate and battle Gary, until it finally unfolded into a series of pretty serious domestic abuse instances. If you’re not familiar with the show, you’d be inclined to think it was dad who was the perpetrator of abuse–not so.

Since the abuse on footage was aired, MTV pulled no punches. Amber was sentenced to probation, and was also ordered to take drug tests. In December of 2011, Amber failed a drug test, and was sentenced to five years in prison–whoa!

Generally I’m against this kind of heavy sentencing for drug use, but in Amber Portwood’s case, and given that she has been convicted of assault and domestic abuse, I say there’s pretty just cause.

According to TMZ, Amber Portwood was recently unable to pass a drug test because she “didn’t have anything to pee.” Hmm… unfortunately for her, the courts see this as the same as a failed drug test. That said, Amber will have a chance to discuss the situation with the judge next week. However, the judge can make any decision he wants based on her inability to pass a drug test.

Amber Portwood could be spending a nickel at the ladies’ pen, but we’ll have to see what the judge decides next week.

Let me hear from you: Do you think the sentence is fair given the circumstances? Is drug testing EVER fair? Tell me your thoughts!




  1. sapp May 8, 2012 at 3:49 am is incredible site dude !

  2. Elke June 16, 2012 at 12:01 am

    Man, I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but if she’s happy and relieved to pass a drug test, that doesn’t bode well for long term soitebry. The Good news is her Mee-Maw might be getting her crafting room back sooner then she thought!


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