What Comes After 4/20? 4/21, That’s What!


The most dreaded day of the year!

Every year, those of us in the “smoking community” get together any way we can to celebrate 4/20. But what we seem to fatefully forget every single year is that 4/20 is always followed by… 4/21! Yep–this is known to be just about as much fun as 4/20 is for stoners, but for bosses instead. See, 4/21 is the worst day ever for those of use who don’t come to work prepared to pass a drug test.

This year, 4/21 falls on a Saturday, so most of us lucked out with a couple of extra days to detox before a “random” drug test (note the bunny ears please.) Nonetheless, every employer in the land will be very excited to pass out fun plastic cups with temperature stickers and lids out on Monday, 4/23. If you think this won’t apply to you, either a) think back to last year (oh yeah… crap!) or don’t be foolish enough to count your drug-free chickens before they hatch.

If you want to be able to pass a drug test after 4/20, just do what I do and start preparing with a detox product as soon as you can. If you know you will have more than three days on your side, you can opt for a permanent cleanse, which takes the average person about four days to complete. If you only have the one day (or less) to prepare, then you still have the very viable option of the same day detox, which you can use with as little as one hour on your side before you have to pee into the cup.

Make sure you have the detox product on hand for the big day, or if you don’t get it as soon as you possibly can, and let this be a lesson to you for next year crazy!

For those of you lucky enough to work for employers and bosses who don’t care about 4/20 and who don’t drug test (because they don’t even know what 4/20 is) please, don’t rub it in our faces–help us pass the drug test by standing by with the carb-loaded fast food and a sweet couch to post up on while we try not to expend any calories the day before the drug test!

And just like a public service announcement, it’s all about the more you know. So prepare right away by calling the team at PassADrugTest.com so you can find out which product is best for your needs before you get in trouble rather than after.

Happy 4/20 to all, and here’s to all of us still having our jobs when the drug test results come back on 4/24!




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